(Text for the exhibition catalogue)

In the work of artist Christina Saradopoulou the sculptural process and act of sculpture seem to be a way of organizing structures, constitutive rules of motion and balance, flow and stillness, dispersal and concentration…, all evoking the cryptic yet suggestive intelligibility of cosmic rhythms.

Visual narratives that appear to be the imprints/traces of a hand digging deep into personal and collective identities; an attempt to explore the workings of the universe, perhaps to probe the ineffable core of the Cosmos itself.

Her works present a set of eloquent though abstract, stripped-down aesthetic proposals, where landscapes are a vibrant, dynamic organism to be charted, amorphous, immaterial, constantly changing – proposals that serve to articulate a new ethical framework for human toil and its evolution.

The artist seems to be taking on the role of an inner instructor under whose guidance we may attain those insights promised by the mental age of the creative act, or perhaps even to be indirectly embracing the phenomenon of life, admitting the need for an instruction manual to go with it as it were, to help celebrate it.

Thalea Stefanidou
Art historian/critic – Curator